What would happen if we came to see that dependency is not a reality we grow out of but grow more deeply into?

The sweet simplicity of a child’s trust is a wonder to behold. They stand in a place of freedom and joy that we’re convinced we have to leave as we grow older. We have come to believe that just as our physical maturity is characterized by independence, our growth as followers of Christ is too.

Saturated with the truths of Scripture, Sweet Dependence calls us to rejoice in the freedom we find as we rely completely on Christ. With our prayers, in our praise, and through our pain, we have the privilege of depending on our Savior and celebrating the abundant life we have in Him.



“As a quadriplegic, I understand what my friend Christina Crawford means when she speaks of a Sweet Dependence. My weakness has taught me to need God urgently. However, to some people, dependence is viewed as a weakness, even if it means depending on a higher Being – we prefer to be strong, resourceful and in control. But in this special book, Christina shows us that dependence sets the stage for humility, perhaps the most laudable of all Christian virtues. If you want to deepen your walk with Christ; if you wish to cultivate a humble reliance on your Lord, Sweet Dependence is the book for you!”  – Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center


“My favorite thing about this wonderful devotional is that it consistently calls us to the life we have in Jesus Christ. There is nothing more important for the Church to return to again and again, because there is nothing more important than Jesus. Christina rightly insists that our life in Christ is not a mere sentiment, it is the definitive reality of our lives.” – Dr. Marcus Johnson, Professor of Theology, Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL.

“Christina writes with authenticity and compassion about the sometimes painful realities of life. But even more importantly, she writes with great gratitude and love about the Savior who bore our sins and is present in our suffering. Christina’s book is full of personal testimony and Scriptural truth. I know it will be a welcome companion for many who have been brought to their knees.” – Kelli Worrall, Author of Pierced and Embraced: 7 Life-Changing Encounters with the Love of Christ