Photo by James Pritchett on Unsplash


In an overcrowded town, with animals to witness Your arrival
You gulped Your first breath of cold earth air
Birthed into our brokenness, clothed in our human flesh,
You said yes.

The highest King, 
You set majesty aside
Carpenter’s son, You picked up the wood and nails, cool between your fingertips
Instruments of making, one day to be Your unmaking 
Still You said yes, committed to our remaking.

Teacher and Master, kneeling
In confused company
“No, You will not – “
Wash my feet, yes
You did 
With water, You removed the dust, bidding us do likewise
My stubborn no reversed by Your humble yes.

Your yes, Incarnate Son of God,
Confronts our rebellious refusal, uncovers the deceit lodged in our hearts
With clenched fists, we cannot bear to release,
To cease saying no.
But Your yes, o Merciful One
Illuminates the lies and invites us into abundant life, Your abundant life.

Lord and Savior, 
Your dying breath swallowed up in Friday’s darkness
Shadows grow tall, disfigured
 Silhouettes left mourning 
 Your defeated yes. 
 Saturday long, weighed down we wait 
 Withthoughtsquestionsanddoubts hanging in mid air 
 Your yes silenced by the grave

Sunday breaths hope
Death delivered the final blow
You are the final Word.
With a resounding Yes, You reversed the powers
of sin, death, and the grave.

Redeemed, remade – I give You my yes.


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