these days when the air still warms our bare arms and the grass stands tall and green a little longer.

these days when scores of leaves gather along the curb and dance down the road. these days when the sun has yet to compete with the winter wind.

in these middle days, summer blooms stand erect while the ash and linden lean down to shed their leaves.


stir our hearts again, dear Lord. these fleeting fall days testify of such beautiful irony. the seasons shift like clockwork and magnify You, the unchanging Creator of all things. we live and breathe and watch as the Maker turns the pages of time. these middle days remind us You are on every page, in every season.

dull tones and fiery hues everywhere we look. though we are wrapped up in a world of change, we join creation to exalt Your steadfast nature.


we notice beauty in transformation, meaning and purpose in the change of seasons. we admire creation’s courageous song of transformation, and recall the various movements of our own lives with their melancholy tones and joyous crescendos. indeed, our lives unfold in “middle earth.”

and yet.

we struggle to accept the transformation You long to bring about in us. change everything around me Lord – sanctify, purify, beautify, rectify all that needs renewal, save me. all creation worships and obeys You with such maturity. we are still learning. and You are still patient.

You did not create us to be spectators; an observer of Your transformative work we were never meant to be. may we not linger any longer in spaces of apathy … disbelief … disobedience. humble us in repentance and lift us up rejoicing in You. please Lord, move us forward with Your mercy.

these middle days are filled with joy and sorrow, beauty and ashes, life and death. we face painful and glorious extremes. would You keep us devoted to You, dear Lord? bring death to our misguided notions of what is important, our false perceptions of You, our idolatrous pursuits. and bring to life Christ in us, more and more.

in these middle days, forgive us, purify us, clothe us with Christ. creation knows and readily proclaims – that in You, death is the precursor to glorious and abundant life.


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