From where I stand, everything is massive,

towering and overwhelming – ocean waves heaving and crashing,

redwood trees reaching like hands towards

clouds that rise tall and pompous

I can’t see it all 

Without turning around and around in dizzying 



My smallness grows at the sight of such grandeur

And a strange delight wells within me 

As I gaze at all that’s beyond my seeing and knowing.

Creation, with whispers too loud to hear

offers a glimpse of Your majesty

Matchless, boundless – You cannot be contained


I wonder, will You remain

forever veiled in mystery?


From where You lay, thick darkness now cradles Your growing body

You who split the light from the dark

in the beginning

The sea and land measured and defined

by You, who now lays folded in a virgin’s womb

limbs pushing against the muscular wall of Your mother’s body

You, who dress each day anew

with striking silhouettes and watercolor hues,

human flesh You wear and bear

the weight of time and space and sin

Eternal, All-Knowing One, You now see

the darkness of humanity

from within.

Beloved of God, lowered into our limitations

Glory wrapped in our shame

You now see us face to face

You hold our gaze and do not look away

You see it all – the massive, the micro,

our blatant crimes and hidden cries

You, who cannot be contained,

now come in our midst, named

the Word made flesh

With the shepherds, we find a baby

born with unassuming airs, the King of Kings

Heaven shapes Strength in fraility

Holiness is heard in a baby’s cry –

body breathing, God redeeming

we receive, we now see

the fullness of Deity.



Merry Christmas, dear friends!
May the joy of Jesus’ birth and the redeeming scandal of God with us grip your hearts anew this Christmas season.
Grace and peace,
Christina Crawford






Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash
Photo by Justin Schüler on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Simon Fitall on Unsplash

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